Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you. --Pericles (430 B.C.)

Monday 9.12.05
Day 212 of the nightmare

Domestic Issues

Stupidest Hurricane Katrina Quotes
And almost every one of them came from the people who are 'supposed' to be in charge

Court Decides Bush Can Hold Citizens Without Charges During Time Of War
Even an ambiguous war against an ambiguous enemy that is supposedly going to last forever........that doesn't leave much hope.

Bush Poll Numbers Sink Even Further
Boy, this guy is really tanking! He'd better blow something else he did last time.

I wish you could see a graph of Bush's popularity during his term--maybe I'll go find one--he starts out around 39 or 40, then 9/11 happens and he jumps up to 90 and ever since then it's been a slow steady decline all the way back down to 40.
For whatever reason everone rallied around Bush fter 9/11, but I don't understand why. Anyone--including a sock-puppet--would have done the same thing he did (except the wars probably, those were personal) so why did he get so much credit for it?

Gas Prices Are Just 'Tip Of The Iceberg'

Insurers See Storm As Two Separate Events
They say that the hurricane is one thing and the flood was a separate thing in an attempt to avoid payng out more money.

Guns Confiscated From Everyone Except Private Mercenaries
Okay, let me get this right: the average law-abiding, legal gun opwners are having their guns systematically taken away, yet the mercs get to walk around with fully automatic weapons?

FEMA Chief Paid Millions In False Claims In '04
This is an amazing story that has received absolutely no attention in the mainstream media.

Sunday 9.11.05
Day 211 of the nightmare

Sept. 11th

The Longest List Of Unansweered Questions About 9/11
I've got another one: why didn't the Empire State Building collapse when a commercial airplane ran into it years ago? It was just like what happened on 9/11, with a building that is arguably not nearly as wel-built as the WTC was, yet it stood, and still stands.

WTC Security Courtesy Of Marvin Bush
And some folks ever wonder why the same names and the same circle of people keeps popping up.

Thursday 9.8.05
Day 208 of the nightmare

Hurricane Katrina

Katrina Timeline
This is for all the people--like Bush--who are saying, "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees"; and for those who are blaming the local officials, claiming that they dropped the ball or never asked for help.

FEMA Blocks Aid--A List
Doesn't make a whole lot of sense does it?

Offers Of Aid Immediate, But Approval Delayed For Days

Pilots Reprimanded For Rescue Efforts
They rescued 110 people only to be punished.
Now, one could argue that they weren't doing what they were supposed to do, but the problem is that nobody was doing what needed to be done, and they recognized that.

Israelis See Katrina As Revenge For Gaza Pullout
I can't believe the absolute audacity of these people who think that God is truly on THEIR side, that God is working FOR them and AGAINST whoever acts 'against' them.
Fuck that! I'm tired of the arrogance of those who think they're God's "Chosen People".

Republicans Play Poitics With Relief Bill
How much do you want to bet that this "relief" bill is mostly pork?
Those politicians just love to see the money flowing so they can get a piece.

Pictures Of Katrina Victems The Government Doesn't Want You To See
Aside from the obvious, and already well-known, story the Federal Government has been doing its best to contain all independent information, and especially images, from leaking out of the disaster zone.

Canadians Beat Us Army To New Orleans
What's the government's excuse for that one?

1000 Firefighters Pulled From Duty To Do PR Work
"Many of the firefighters, assembled from Utah and throughout the United States by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, thought they were going to be deployed as emergency workers. Instead, they have learned they are going to be community-relations officers for FEMA, shuffled throughout the Gulf Coast region to disseminate fliers and a phone number: 1-800-621-FEMA"

Rich Want New Orleans Rebuilt Without Poor Population
Many people have pointed out that most of the people who were most effected by the hurricane were poor and/or black, speculating that this could be why there was such a slow response by the Federal Government.
Do you think the reaction would have been so slow and sloppy if it was a bunch of rich white folks who needed help?

Monday 9.5.05
Day 205 of the nightmare

Hurricane Katrina

FEMA, Homeland Security Warned About Potential Dangers Of Hurricane

Warnings Ignored, Funding Slashed
“The administration of President George W. Bush cut the 27.1 million-dollar budget requested by the Corps of Engineers for improving the levees in 2005 by more than 80 percent to 3.9 million, although Congress finally raised the grant to 5.7 million, compare to 10 million in 2001.”

Homeland Security Won't Let Red Cross Deliver Food
I don't know about you but I'm reluctant to just give my money away to whatever organization is asking for it.
I realize that some of them are well-known, and therefore reputable outfits, but it's hard to know what's really being done with your money; and for that reason I'd rather hang onto it, thank you.
In this case, the Red Cross has commercials running all over the country asking for money and here we find out that they're not able to what's all the money going to?

Bush, Feds Accused Of Priority Problems

We've Been Abandoned By Our Own Country

Yet Another Gulf War
With several US oil refineries and dozens of oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico knocked out by Katrina, oil productions is limping along--especially in Mexico.

Cargill Halts Grain Business Due To Katrina
With the Misssissippi river off limits, the midwest is going to feel a pinch.

State By State Breakdown Of Refugees

Monday 8.24.05
Day 294 of the nightmare

Pat Robertson Calls For Assassination Of Hugo Chavez
Hey, Pat, "thou shalt not kill"......I don't remember there being any exception to it.

Chavez Offers TO Sell Poor Americans Cheap Gas
Yeah, what an asshole.

Feds Warn That Terrorists May Pose As Homeless
Sure they are. They are also likely to pose as the president of the United States.

Sen. Hagel Takes On President, Aims For Offce In '08
You know the jig is up when Bush's own party is gunning for him.

Fascism In America
We are NOT sliding into fascism!.......and I've got the government's permission to say so.

Bush Says protesters Weaken America
Yeah and wasting hundreds of billions of dollars on fruitless wars is GOOD for the country?

Check out the thing on the old guy's ear.

Foreign Troops, Leave Cancelled, Another General Ousted
There are rumors of a military anti-Bush coup that is in the process of being foiled. Apparently, those involved in the coup are trying to avoid the attack on Iran, seeing it as the jump-off to WWIII.

All Military Leave Cancelled

Canada Contemplates NAFTA Withdrawal
Looks like NAFTA's not the dream they said it would be.

Monday 8.8.05
Day 278 of the nightmare

Foriegn Affairs

Petrodollar Warfare
Few realize that one of the factors contributing to the invasion of Iraq was not just the oil they possessed, but also the fact that Hussein was going to move away from using the dollar (for oil-related transactions) and towards the euro.
The effect of one oil-producing country moving from the dollar to the euro is one thing, but other countries in the midle east have been considering the same thing.
If several of them decided to make the shift, it really would have a negative effect on our economy.
Preserving the petro-dollare hegemony was part of the rationale for invading Iraq, as well as the rest of the middle east.

Un To Oversee Iran's Nuclear Restart
The US is plenty unhappy about this development, since we've been trying to deligitimize Iran's attempts to create civilian-use nuclear energy.
Part of Bolton's appointment to the UN was to create a strong US presence in the UN opposing Iran's nuclear power ambitions--even those meant for civilian purposes.
So, for the UN to side with Iran--to any degree--is a setback for TeamBush.

Domestic Issues

US Drafts Plan To Respond To Terror
Expecting some terror, are we?

Exercise To Focus On Nuclear Terror Scenario
On the surface, planning for the worst is a good idea. Nothing shady there, right?
Well, not unless you pay attention to recent history.....
Both 9-11 (in America) and 7-7 (in England) share an eerie similarity that most reasonable people would say is more than just coincidence: both "terror" attacks happened on the same day and in the same place, and in the exact same manner, as a "terror drill" in which they were practicing responding to the exact situations that happened to occur.
For more than a year now there has been considerable talk about the possibility of an attack on Iran, and also the strong likelihood that there in insufficient public support for such an attack.
There have been rumors that in order to whip-up public support for attacking Iran, we would probably need to experience another 9-11/Pearl Harbor type of "terror" attack.
There have also been rumors that we really will experience another attack, but that this time it would be a nuclear attack--this from the same agencies that claim to know everything and nothing at the same time, depending upon which one is more to their advantage.

Now we learn that there is an "exercise" covering just that possibility.
The question is: is this going to be the kind of "exercise" that provides the perfect cover and alibi for the perpatrators in the same way it did in these other two incidents?,br> I'm putting my money on "yes".

War Plans Drafted To Counter Terro Attacks In US
Then we have this.....
Keep in mind that recently Cheney ordered CENTCOM (US Central Command) to devise a "retalition" strike on Iran in the event of a "terror" attack here in America , regardless of whether Iran was behind the "attack" or not.
Are you starting to see the picture?

Indymedia Weighs In On Operation "Sudden Response 05"
Sudden Response 05 (or SR05) is the name of the nuclear terror drill that is supposed to take place later this month.

Friday 8.5.05
Day 275 of the nightmare

AIPAC Scandal

AIPAC Spy Nest Exposed
For those who don't know about this situation, here's a little background:
AIPAC (American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee) is a pro-Israel lobbying group that is considered one of the most powerful in Washington DC.
A few dozen Senators and Congressmen are regularly paid thousands of dollars by AIPAC, and are therefore arguably influenced by the campaign contributions.
The FBI has been investigating AIPAC--some of their members, specifically--for the last few years to see if they were involved in spying for Israel.
While AIPAC (and most people associated with them or receiving money from them) has denied these charges, but several people have been indicted so far.
Among the first to be indicted was Larry Franklin, who worked in the Office Of Special Plans in the Pentagon. The OSP was created by Dick Cheney to bypass the regular intelligence channels and manipulate the political process when it came to selling the war against Iraq.
It was from this Office of Special Plans that most, if not all, of the now-debunked information about WMDs came from. The OSP-AIPAC connection was the main factor in the propaganda campaign of outright lies that led our country to war in Iraq, and oddly enough, are doing the same thing to try to get us to nuke Iran.
In short, the scandal isn't so much what kind of information leaked OUT of the OSP to AIPAC and on to Israel, but what information came from Israel INTO our government through AIPAC and the OSP, that was later used as propaganda.

Who's Behind The War Against Iran?

Neoconservatism and Espionage

Federal Indictment Urged For Entire AIPAC Clan

AIPAC, Israel and Iran

Saturday 8.1.05
Day 271 of the nightmare

London Bombing

London Faces Crackdown To Thwart Third Terror Attack
Ummmmm, how long do they think they can keep that up? Isn't this kind of activity taking the police away from their regular duties?
They didn't know when either of those first two incidents was going to happen (so they say), so what makes them think they know what they're talking about this time?
Besides that, this approach is all wrong.
The first incident was planned to coincide with the "training" event in the tunnel--perhaps by some of the people involved in it (which is very similar to the 9-11 FEMA situation). The second incident was not like the first, and not meant to be like the first. It's no coicidence that the two incidents looked similar but had very different endings.
I believe the second incident was meant to draw more attention to those picked as patsies for the first event and to give the impression that "this could keep happening every day, so we'd better go to 'police-state' mode".
This newe tactic is nothing but a waste of time.......or exactly the kind of fascist crack-down that was supposed to follow a *staged* "terror" incident.

How To Massage The Facts To Fit The Crime
The constant shifting of "facts" and details in these incidents is very suspicious. Consider the following:
-only the police say that Menazes was wearing a "bulky" jacket. Everyone else says it was a light jean jacket.
-only the police say that Menazes jumped the pay turnstiles at the train station. Everyone else says he paid with a ticket.
-only the police say the identified themselves as police. Everyone else says there was no identifying announcment made.
-only the police seem to think this guy was a terrorist. Everyone else keeps saying the opposite.
-only the police felt it necessary to shoot him 7 times in the head. Everyone else says it's overkill.......especially when the police turned out to be wrong
So, here we have someone who the police were--once again--so totally sure that he was part of the bombing plot, and all that, and they turn out to be as wrong as you could possibly be about anything. They've been equally wrong about the four people they keep saying were the bombers in the first incident.
There is no proof of any of this.

The So-Called Terror Bombing Witness
Besides being an absolute liar, this guy seems to be the MOST quoted witness to the double-decker bus bombing.
Read this and chuckle.
Meanwhile, a REAL witness, who survived the blast, has some very important things to say about the incident, but few want to listen.
"The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag," he said.

See "Bombing Survivor Speaks" for more on that story.

Isreali Private Security Companies: Means, Motive and Opportunity For Terror
Now, before anyone gives me a hard time about focusing on these people, look at the facts: The Israeli security company ICTS was in charge of 9/11 airports and the Madrid train station. Who had the security contract for the WTC?

Domestic Issues

Cheney Orders STRATCOM To Make Plans To Nuke Iran
As most people following this situation seem to agree, this will come after some kind of staged terror attack on US soil. The bombing of Iran will take place regardless of who was ebhind the attack and Iran will be made the patsy and the target.

Taking Down The Neo-Cons
Slowly, but surely, their weeb is unravelling, but will the enact their own terror campaign in America to scare us off their trail and embroil us in a war against Iran?
It seems like there's a more than decent chance.
I say that because every time the public starts to get close to putting the heat on certain folks, something goes *bang*, or there is a 'newsworthy' distraction.
In this case, the stakes are VERY high, and we're getting close to a winner-take-all situation. Either TeamBush and most of his Anti-Christ Neo-Con Cabal will be thrown out and locked up, or we're going to experince a big *bang* that will divert our attention away from just that.

Halliburton Profits Up 284% In Recent Quarter
Clearly this "War on Terror" is good for some people.

Bush Poll Numbers At Record Low Again
I can't believe they're as high as they are.

Making War On The American Public
Read this and tell me if the "war on Terror" is working.

Foreign Affairs

US Evicted From Airbase In Uzbekistan
China and Russia have been applying diplomatic pressure to get the US out of most of Asia.

Advantage China

Crisis In Relations Between Israel and US
Not everything is peachy in paradise.

Israel Enacts Another Racist Law
Let's hear it for the "only democracy in the Middle East", that beacon unto the Nations of the world........

Saturday 7.23.05
Day 263 of the nightmare

London Bombing

Bombing Survivor Speaks
"The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag," he said.

'metal was pushed UPWARDS as if the bomb was UNDERNEATH the train'.........hmmmmmm

Experts Hail 'Forensic Goldmine'
Except that tis second "bombing" (if you want to call it that) was most likely a distraction meant to create a false trail and false leads.
There is absolutely no connection between the first and second 'incidents' here, except that the second matches the FALSE discription of the first one, which is yet to be verified.
I know the police said the first incident involved 4 muslims (of course it was) with backpacks, and that they said they had CCTV pictures of them, but THIS IS FALSE. The pictures they have are NOT from London, but Luton (about 25 miles away), so there ISN'T any evidence--video or otherwise--to back-up their allegations of four muslim men with backpacks setting out in different directions just before the blasts occurred.
This second incedent, therefore, only highlights the fact that all of this is staged. The second incident wasonly meant to bolster the first baseless claims and plant in the public mind that it IS indeed possible for four people to carry out the 'attacks'.
We must dig deeper.

Staging An Attack To Fix The Cover-up Of Another
I couldn't have put it better myself.
This second incident is nothing but a diversion and a sham. just watch as the 'evidence' from this second incident is used as 'evidence' for the first one, with both of them erroneously linked together from here on out.

Another Phony Al Qaeda Group Claims Responsibility For Latest Incident
Responsibility for WHA? Nothing happened.
Folks, this is more than ridiculous. Do you realize how EASY it is to simply call and 'claim responsibility' for something?
You or I could call up the police station, or a news outlet, and say anything....claim anything.....and they'll go around trupeting it as if it's real.

Man Chased, Shot At Trainstation
Keep your eyes on the ball folks. This has nothing to do with the bombing incident.

Shot Man Was Not A Bombing Suspect
The cops are just trigger happy I guess. What did he do to get shot so many times?


Rove, Libby May Face Perjury Charges
Now we're getting somewhere. These two have been caught given different versions of their story to various parties and now discrepencies are starting to emerge. Let's see if anything comes of it.

Monday 7.18.05
Day 258 of the nightmare


Rove Was First To Mention Wilson's Wife
This title is somewhat misleading in that it seems to say one thing, but really means another thing altogether.
The problem ISN'T that his wife was mentioned, or even that she worked for the CIA, it's the issue of blowing her identity, which Rove probably didn't do.
It appearss that many people reffered to her or mentioned her--although usually NOT by name. It also appears that rove most likely wasn't the original leak, contrary to what this headline implies.
Rove might be benig usedas a distraction, so that when everybody (including prominent Democrats) use up all their ammo of credibility on Rove, he will ultimately be exonerated, leaving the Democrats looking stupid as usual.
Very clever, but someone DID leak the identity at some point.....and Novak knows who, and maybe Judy Miller.

"Scooter" Libby Also Source For Valerie Plame Story
This headline is also misleading in that it seems to say something that isn't far as we know.
Somehow this thing is much more complicated than people want to give it credit.
Lewis Libby also mentioned Plame, but not by name, so he's most likely NOT the leak either, and it doesn't do anyone any good to go crucify the wrong person. The Republicans know this and are watching the Democrats shoot at the wrong targets, only to look dumb in the end.

Judith Miller Hearsted On Her Own Petard
This has more to do with Miller's shoddy journalism than it does the Plame Affair.
At the same time, it seems like Miller probably knows something and continues to hide it, but who is she protecting?
At some point all of it will come out, but I think people should be patient and wait for Fitzpatrick's report.
Anything short of that is likely to be less than prudent.

Top Aides Set Sights On Wilson
Aside from whoever leaked Valerie Plame's identity to Novak, it appears that many people were intent upon discrediting Wilson, probably because they knew the damage that could be done.
When all is said and done, I'm sure some heads are going to roll, but I wouldn't necessarily expect it to be the ones everyone is talking about. Forum on 'Rovegate'
This is a long thread, but it contains some good arguements on both sides.
One thing is clear: that SOMEONE outed Valerie Plame........but WHO?

Saturday 7.16.05
Day 256 of the nightmare

London Bombing

Labour MPs Blame Bombing On Iraq War
No, no, no. It couldn't be that. It's because they hate freedom, remember? It's because they're just religious wackos. Islam is evil. Remember?

Was It Suicide?
It doesn't bear any of the usul hallmarks of 'suicide bombings'.
Most of the so-called bombers had happy, productive lives with children and loved ones and good jobs. The friends, relatives and spouses cannot comprehend that they would have been involved in something like this.
Even the British government is starting to back away from the "suicide" bomber angle in favor of the new "homocide" bomber angle......but what's the real difference?
The best theory to date is that they believed they were taking part in the TRAINING EXERCISE that was going on at the same time, in the same locations, and therefore had no idea that they were going to die, or that they were holding real bombs.

Blair Says There Is No Organization Called Al Qaeda
That's going to be a thorn in Bush's side, I think. I believe there isn't really an Al Qaeda either, but in a different way than Blair is trying to say
You can't claim there IS a group called Al Qaeda for several years and then switch to NO, there's NOT.
Then why have they been saying it all this time?
And trying to say that Al Qaeda isn't an 'organization' but rather a mindframe is very sticky situation......HOW THE HELL DO THEY EXPECT TO RID THE WORLD OF A WAY OF THINKING?
Honestly, one of the stupidest things I've evert heard a politician say.

Tuesday 7.12.05
Day 252 of the nightmare

London Bombing

London Bombers Traced, Died In Blasts
What are they using to figure this out? A magic 8 ball?
There's no way in hell that this is true. The article claims that these four people were closest to the blast in each situation and that personal docouments were recovered from each one (which reminds me of the passport that survived the WTC incident and found on the street)......but other articles point out that the bombs were so powerful that NONE of the victems could be identified by their remains. So, how could the person CLOSEST to the bomb bo identifiable? And why would that person necessarily be the bomber? Someone had to be sitting there, right?
They said they've got them on camera (CCTV), but they don't say "on camera planting the bombs", just that they were actually on the subway that day, but who on the train that day, couldn't that be said about?
This is total bullshit and part of a cover-up!

Confusion and Contradiction--What Is The Truth?
Just like the offcial 9-11 story, none of this adds up!
We are supposed to believe utter garbage......but the truth WILL come out.

List of London Bombing Links
A long list of links about the incident and the investigation.

Domestic Issues

Bush Renews Linking Iraq To 9-11
.........and the London bombing.

Dems Call For Action Against Rove
Rove claims that all he did was make a reference to her to the reporters, not reveal her identity and position. If you believe that a Machavellian trickster like Rove wouldn't stoop that low, you're dreaming.
"I said, you know Mr. Wilson's wife is wearing a really cute outfit today--that's it! I swear! Would I lie to you?"--Karl Rove

Scott McClellan Takes Heat For Prez
I'm sure he's looking forward to his next day on the job.

75 Years Of IRS Criminal History
Originally issued in 1996, but then recalled and redacted.

Monday 7.11.05
Day 251 of the nightmare

London Bombing

Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place During Real Thing
(re-linked) This shares a very strange similarity to 9/11. Unbeknownst to most, NORAD, FEMA, the Pentagon and a few other agencies were conducting 'exercises' in the very same part of New York that the WTC are found. Interestingly enough the focus of these drills was hijacking scenarios where the planes were used as missles and flown into buildings, including the WTC and the Pentagon.
Mere coincidence? There's no chance in Hell it's a coincidence....then the same situation appears again in London DURING this most recent "terror" attack.
Folks, something is dead-body-rotten in Denmark.

London Police Perplexed By Bombing
What I find interesting is that they seem to know everything and yet nothing about the bombs used in the attacks.
On one hand they say they were small, 10 pound bombs, that might have been military grade explosives, but then they say they have no idea about anything.
On one hand they claim to have found the wrist-watch detonators, but then say the bombs were so powerful that none of the victems are identifiable.
On one hand they say Muslim HAD TO have done it, but then they admit that they have NO PROOF of that at all, except for the flimsy 'claim' of responsibility, which, as it turns out, it was not. It was actually a 'congradulation' to whoever DID do it.
Which is it?

London, Tel Aviv Blasts Connected
Besides the allegation that these two blasts were connected, this article also states that Israel, the Mossad and their embassy in London received warnings prior to the attack--something Israel has been trying hard to take back.
Their excuse for not doing anything to prevent it: they found out six minutes before it happened, so they didn't have enough time to do anything about it.
Okay, whatever. So, again, which is it?

Mainstram Media Reports Rumors
See, this is how irresponsible the mainstream media has rutinely become: they keep claiming that Al Qaida did it when there is NO PROOF AT ALL that they did, or that this "Secret Organization of Al Qqaida in Europe" really exists.
All they have is one claim to responsibility, which is actually NOT that at all. So if I called in and said I did it would they also run with that story?
Whatever happened to confirming information?
In addition witnesses have said that the only suspicious activity that day was by WHITE people, so now we're supposed to believe that white folks are involved, but that Al Qaida is actually behind it. The story goes: they must have been HIRED by Al Qaida.

Down With Murder Inc.
A huge collection of articles and information related to the London Bombing.

4 Mosques In UK, 6 In New Zealand Attacked
Now, think about this......whoever really DID bomb London probably knew that this would be the reaction. Why would Muslims do something that would cause this type of reaction? Does that make any sense? WHO BENEFITS FROM THIS?

Foreign Affairs

Israel OKs Barrier To Surround All Of Jerusalem
According to the UN, Jerusalem is an INTERNATIONAL city that belongs TO NO ONE, but tell that to Israel.
They acknowledge that this wall will cut off 55,000 Palestinians from their homes, businesses and livelihood.......but so what.
Who is it that really hates Arabs and Muslims enough to get rid of them and turn public opinion against them?
Who has a long history of trying to FRAME arabs for terror attacks that they have done?

Mexico Lays Claim To California's Water

Pueto Rico Claims US Iraq Casualties Actually Double What's Being Reported
This has been reported over and over, but so far this is the best evidence to date. In addition, German news has been claiming that the actual number of injured is actually much, much higher than what's being reported.
They would know, since that's where our wounded are being sent.

Sunday 7.10.05
Day 250 of the nightmare

Foreign Affairs

UK, US Plan To Withdraw Troops Within 9 Months
It's hard to say whether this plan is still in place or not, given the recent bombings in London.

Bombing Becomes Opportunity To Cash In
Crisis really does mean opportunity.

Blair Rejects Request For Bombing Investigation
....saying it would be a "ludicrous diversion" seems like the bombing itself is a ludicrous diversion!
If you remember, Bush also tried his best to avoid any investigation into 9-11. It was others that forced what farce of an investigation did eventually take place.

Top Officer At Gitmo Relieved Of Duties
"The commanding officer of the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was relieved of his duties yesterday, after he was accused of inappropriate management practices, officials said."

Russia To Supply Iran With Nuclear Fuel
Would a conflict with Iran lead to a conflict with Russia? Would that be a good idea?


Again, Rove Named As Plame Leak
To a certain degree none of this matters. If you take the worst case scenario that he faces--which would be death if he's convicted of treason--he would still be pardoned by Bush.........unless Bush went down with him somehow.

Saturday 7.9.05
Day 249 of the nightmare

London Bombing

Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place During Real Thing
This shares a very strange similarity to 9/11. Unbeknownst to most, NORAD, FEMA, the Pentagon and a few other agencies were conducting 'exercises' in the very same part of New York that the WTC are found. Interestingly enough the focus of these drills was hijacking scenarios where the planes were used as missles and flown into buildings, including the WTC and the Pentagon.
Mere coincidence? There's no chance in Hell it's a coincidence....then the same situation appears again in London DURING this most recent "terror" attack.
Folks, something is dead-body-rotten in Denmark.

Israel Warned Before Blast
So, they decided to warn Israel.....and who else? Why didn't they warn the rest of the city?

Israel Tipped Off Before Bombing
Again with the reports of Israel being tipped-off in advance, but shortly after these reports were made public they were recanted, and now both England and Israel are singing a different tune.
Officials from both countries have gone on the record confirming the report, so the recant seems deceitful.
I don't blame them for trying to take it back; it exposes them and leads to more questions that I'm sure they don't want to answer.
At this point they're doing their best to spin their way out of this sticky situation, but many people are suspicious of their motives.

Spinning Netanyahu's Terror Tip-Off
It's too late; the cat's already out of the bag. You don't get a second chance to lie your way out of something.

Explosions In London--Who Stands To Gain?
Well, lets see.....both Bush and Blair's poll numbers were in the gutter, Karl Rove was just about to be handed his head due to the Valerie Plame leak, Britain just announced it was going to remove half of it's troops in Iraq, the British had been steadily resisting national biometric ID cards and opposition to the ill-conceived "War on Terror" had been steadily growing and gaining momentum.
NOW..........both Bush and Blair look like heroes (to the ignorant), the Karl Rove story will take the back-burner due to this media distraction, Britain is now changing it's mind about romiving troops from Iraq and nationalized ID cards are more likely to pass.
Hmmmmmmm. Who do you THINK benefitted from this?

Wednesday 7.6.05
Day 246 of the nightmare

Reporter Jailed For Refusing To Reveal Source
Some people are screaming 'foul' over this, and "hey, what about the first amendment?", but I don't think we should worry that the government is going to trample our Constitutional rights (any more than they already have). This situation is unique in that a crime has been committed, and several journalists know who committed that crime but won't reveal the name.
Revealing the identity of a government operative like, Valerie Plame, is a felony. If you consider that this is being done during a 'time of war' (as Bush prefers to characterize it) then whover leaked Plame's name could be guilty of treason, which is punishable by death.

Time Reporter To Testify In Leak Case
Unlike Judith Miller, her co-defendant, Matthew Cooper, has decided to roll over and testify while Miller gets jailed for contempt.
I recently learned that Robert Novak also rolled over. I was wondering what ever happened to him.

Judge Fitzgerald's Comments To Juditth Miller

Fitzgerald mocked Miller's claim that being denied cell phone and e-mail privileges would be adequate punishment: "Forced vacation at a comfortable home is not a compelling form of coercion."
Miller "could avoid even a minute of separation from her husband," he wrote in another section, "if she would do no more than just follow the law like every other citizen in America is required to do."

White House Scrambles To Stop Criminal Indictment Of Rove
But he didn't DO anything, right? Right, Bush? That's what your people keep saying. Then, what are worried about? If you didn't do anything you'll be just fine.

Tuesday 7.5.05
Day 245 of the nightmare

Domestic Issues
USS Liberty Survivors File War Crimes Charges Against Israel
It's about time!!!!!

Fury Over Pentagon Cell That Invented Iraq 'Intelligence'
They LIED. It's easy to say. Although now that they've been caught they all want to pretend that they were merely 'mistaken' or even thatze\ they were mislead, themselves, but that's all bullshit. They LIED, they got caught, now they make excuses.

Who Is Michael Ledeen?
Short answer: he's a dual agent of both the Us and Israel who seems to specialize in propaganda and misinformation; linked to both the Pentagon "intelligence" scandal and the Rovegate scandal.

Background on Rovegate
For those unfamiliar with the unfolding situation.

Former CIA Senior Analyst Claims US Headed Down Road Toward Fascism
"NO we're NOT!!! and anyone who says we are is the ENEMY of THE STATE!!!"

4th of July and an End To America As We Know It
This is a commentary.

Sunday 7.3.05
Day 243 of the nightmare

Domestic Issues

Rove Named As Source of Valerie Plame Leak
I'll be suprised if this sticks, but it appears there's come amount of physical proof, so who knows.

More Background on the Rove-Plame-Niger Yellowcake Scandal
This is almost laboriously long, but well done.

FLASHBACK: Bush Knew Names of Those Who Leaked Info
"Witnesses told a federal grand jury President George W. Bush knew about, and took no action to stop, the release of a covert CIA operative's name to a journalist in an attempt to discredit her husband, a critic of administration policy in Iraq.
Their damning testimony has prompted Bush to contact an outside lawyer for legal advice because evidence increasingly points to his involvement in the leak of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame's name to syndicated columnist Robert Novak."

Speaking of Robert Novak, why hasn't he been forced to reveal what he knows, like the other journalists were?

Foreign Affairs

Major Spy Scandal Breaking in Italy
What's interesting about this is that it connects several incidents including the forged Niger yellowcake documents and the Italian secret agent (Calipari) who was assassinated by US forces in Baghdad while rescuing a reorter (Sgrena).
Although this is going on in Italy, it's trail leads all the way back the D.C. and Team Bush.

Is Live 8 A Scam?
Some interesting arguements here.

Live 8: Charity or Ruse?
Also some good arguements.

Friday 7.1.05
Day 241 of the nightmare

Foreign Affairs

Congress Jumps Aboard Iran Sanctions Bill
This is truly unbelievable!!!!
Not only are these fools falling for the same tired tactics that sold us the war in Iraq, on false premises, they are found quoting absolute rumor and basing their decisions upon it.
When Rep. Ros-Lehtinen introduced this bill she mentioned the recentlyT Tcirculating rumor that Iran's new president was one of the American hostage takers back in 1979, when it's been proven and established that he WASN'T!!!!
But you know who WAS involved? One mister George H W Bush!!!! How ironic!!!!!!
Remember the original "october suprise"?